本富企業有限公司 (Safety Mat Co., Ltd.)


 Safety Mat Co., Ltd. has delicate in the field of rubber and plastic foaming for more than 20 years. Using kinds of materials such as EVA, XPE, EPE, NBR, PU, ​​PVC, rubber and others to support different requirements of needs for industries like Shoes, Fitness, Sports, Semiconductor Clean Room, Architectural Shock-absorbing, Medical Research, Anti-slip & Anti-oil, Toy Parts, Anti-collision, Safety Protection, Sound-absorbing & Thermal Insulation. And so as to fulfill customers’ requirements, all our products are CNS15493, CNS4797, EN71, REACH, ASTM963, RoHS..etc certified, and 100% made in Taiwan, not only widely used by the local, but also export to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, China.


Nowadays, Safety Mat Co., Ltd. puts its great efforts in supporting green energy and home protection, exclusively imported large-scale machinery and equipments from the EU and the US, and is capable to custom made according to customers’ requirements in thickness, special shapes, cross-angle, complex composition, sizes…etc. in order to satisfied end-buyers’ demand of fine & multi-functional products.As time goes by, the producing scale expanded, the developing experiences increased, the production capacity & non-defect rate achieved a steady growth. The company is now receiving a significant reputation of products application in the field of infant and child care, elderly care, construction protection, Barrier-free facilities for disabled, wall & floor decoration for residential & public areas.



本富階段性持續研發與改良進化,迎合國際經濟市場需求,拓展客製化製作領域,秉持應盡企業之社會義務持續投入產品研發,多年來公司始終堅持以「專業、用心」的態度來服務每位客戶, 不斷創新是本富永續經營的方針、專業研發製作團隊,期望提供最佳服務與專業技術,用好技術滿足每位客戶需求達到雙贏互利,以達永續企業經營之最終目標。

Customized services

With exclusively imported large-scale machinery and equipments from the EU and the US, Safety Mat Co., Ltd. is capable in providing OEM & integration services in wood, aluminum, plastic, rubber, foaming fields. Whether you are interested in developing patented components, offering fine products to your buyers, or increasing your competitiveness in the market, Safety Mat Co., Ltd. will be your best choice of Economical, Effectiveness, Efficiency and High-quality.

In order to catch up the demands in international market, be innovative is always the company’s business policy. Safety Mat Co., Ltd. continuously inputs in R&D, production improvements & quality control, sticks on the attitude of profession & intention to serve every customer. The professional teams are expecting to serve with good knowledge, technique and professional skills to each of its customer, not only to reach win-win and mutually benefits, but to achieve the ultimate goal of sustainable business.

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